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Finding an unspoiled paradise in Italy’s southern region of Calabria

In the southernmost part of Italy's boot, a region that is completely unspoiled and remarkably unknown to many outside Italy, lies the region of Calabria. This region is most well-known for its beautiful long stretches of sandy beaches, its seaside resorts and many historic and ancient towns. Although there are the new resorts and hotels close to the seafront if you are adventurous and decide that you would like to venture off the tourist track, there is a wealth of historic villages and mountain towns that originate from the Greek and Roman era. Even just spending a week here never be enough time to take in the wealth of ancient monuments and artefacts the region is famous for.


Having inhabited the area for hundreds of years Roman and Greek ruins are found everywhere especially in some of the most historic towns like Reggio Calabria and Cosensa. In both these towns there are many artefacts that have been discovered over the years in historic digs around the region. Many of these items are now on display at some of the museums, like the National Museum in Reggio Calabria which contains one of the most important selection of historic artefacts in Italy. Included in this selection are bronze and iron age relics including two very large statues of bronze warriors which date back to before Christ.

All year round living

Although a lot of the tourists that arrive in the region come mainly for one thing which is the summer season where many resorts and hotels offer some exceptional accommodation directly on the beaches. There is however many festivals and events going on even in the winter months and during December, January, and February and sometimes even to March there are two main skiing resorts that offer great skiing facilities and some good slopes for those wanting to enjoy winter pursuits. For many it is undoubtedly a shock that it is possible to ski in the winter months this far south, with this warm climate. Although warm and dry along the coasts of Calabria, some of the mountain ranges go up to almost 2000 m which creates some great skiing conditions and many travel here from all over Italy for the skiing.

Food and events

With so many different combinations of nationalities that have conquered this area there is a great selection of different types of food. Fiercely proud of their food, Italians offer some of the best locally grown and locally caught fresh food and fish in the southern region. Examples of some of the best seafood to order includes swordfish and tuna which a court locally brought in by fishermen and prepared fresh by local restaurants. One of the most interesting things to see are the festivals where they celebrate fresh fish and locally produced produce. One of these type of festivals happens during the month of July where sawfish are caught and served up as part of the local festival feeding many of the local townspeople as well as tourists that venture from miles around to come and see the spectacular festival. Easter is another fantastic time to visit Calabria with many processions religious festivals and ancient customs are performed to the joy of onlookers.

With such a varied and interesting culture southern Italy serves up a delicious selection of food, festivals, summer beauty and even winter Paradise and is well worth a look when deciding where to visit for your next holiday.

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